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NIJNTJE zijn kroontje !


Miffy is celebrating her 65th anniversary,
to celebrate we’ve created a Crown with Dick Bruna’s Miffy, Boris and Snuffy illustrations on show.
This month we’re celebrating Miffy’s special year but ofcourse celebrating should be a part of everyday.

A simple Crown with joy to bring,
created for those who are little and royal.
Designed to celebrate and to play, to wear and to share.
A royal accessory to help you turn every moment into a moment of gold.

Crown is made of soft silicone and bright yellow,
shaped after one of the timeless illustrations by Dick Bruna.
A classic symbol to brighten moments big or small, always. –
Includes a headband to make it easy to wear

  • Safe, comfortable and timeless in style
  • A beautiful gift, a birthday tradition
  • Comes in a luxury gift box “