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LE CREUSET sauteuse 24 cm


From a creamy pumpkin soup to a delicious bouillabaisse,
the cast iron sauté pan is perfect for your daily use.
The Le Creuset special roasters
impress with their various shapes and the versatile application possibilities.
The roasters are also perfect for serving at the table:
on the one hand, cast iron is an excellent heat accumulator,
so that the supply in the roaster stays warm for a long time and on the other hand,
the stylish colours can be integrated very well into a festively decorated table.

Cast iron:

  • 24 cm / 3,2 l
  • is perfect for frying, boiling, simmering, cooking, marinating and food storage after cooking
  • can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and under the grill
  • is suitable for use on all heat sources
  • is a superior conductor of heat
  • All black round french ovens are coated with achromatic silk – enamel (looks black) outside and inside. This silk – enamel is satiny and makes cleaning easier . Those have to be seasoned before first use. The colored cast iron products are coated with nature enamel inside (don’t have to be seasoned)
  • 30-year guarantee