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HUMDAKIN fragrance sticks


HUMDAKIN’s fragrance sticks diffuse a delicate scent that feels safe, warm and cozy. This lovely scent creates a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Style your home with the elegant bottle while the scent lasts for months and diffuses a scent of comfort and cleanliness, which prolongs the feeling of a newly cleaned home.

The Ample scent combines the sweet floral aroma of lotus flower with the refreshing scent of bergamot.
The Ivory scent combines the earthy scent of cedar wood with the fresh aroma of patchouli oil

Choose between Ample and Ivory – our two signature scents.

Place 3 sticks in the bottle, and they will soak up the scent from the fluid and diffuse it. If you wish for a more subtle scent – use only 2 sticks. If you wish for a stronger scent – use 4 or more sticks. Replace the sticks when scent fades. When all the oil has been soaked up, replace the oil with the IVORY refill.

250 ml.
10 sticks